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The British Dominions Year Book 1918

Maps from the British Dominions Year Book 1918. Edited by Edward Salmon and James Worsfold. London: Eagle, Star and British Dominions Insurance Co.
Population Density and Climate
Australia (208K) [p. 46].
England, Ireland, and Scotland (285K) [p. 44].
New Zealand (212K) [p. 48].
South Africa (224K) [p. 48].
South East Canada (252K) [p. 44].
Western Canada (228K) [p. 46]
World Population Density (388K) [p. 42].

The World's Air Routes [p. 100]
World's Air Routes (631K)
Air routes across Europe, to different parts of the globe, direct line to America, and two routes to India.

The Last Great European Reconstruction and its errors. Maps 1-4 [p. 116]
The Prussian Claims at the Conference of 1815 (292K)
The Problem which confronted the Peace Conference of 1815 (336K)
The Reconstruction of 1815 compared with the claims of the Nationalities (398K)
Prussia becomes the neighbour of France (288K)

Two Pan-German Schemes and the coveted districts of France. Maps 5-7 [p. 124]
Pan-German Aims in 1911 (372K)
As outlined in "Grossdeutschland, die Arbeit des 20ten Jahr-hunderts" by Tannenberg.
The Chief Industrial Districts of France (144K)
A Pan-German Scheme for the Extinction of France (366K)
As given in "Frankreich's Ende" by Major Adolf Sommerfeld.

The Conspiracy of Konopisht and the Serb-Rumanian Barrier to Germany's Eastern aims. Maps 8 & 9 [p. 132]
The Alleged Conspiracy (390K)
The Alleged Conspiracy between the Kaiser and the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, June, 1914.
The Anti-Germanic Barrier in the Balkans in 1914 (387K)

Germany's Unofficial Demands in 1915 & 1917. Maps 10 & 11 [p. 140]
Germany's Demands in 1915 (406K)
Germany's Demands in 1915 as circulated through the Neutral Press.

Germany's Future (150K)
"Germany's Future" according to an officially circulated pamphlet published in the beginning of 1917.

Germany's Claims in Africa and two French Conceptions of the Future of Europe. Maps 12-15 [p. 148]
German Claims in Africa 1917 (150K)
German Claims in Africa according to "Germany's Future," published in Berlin, 1917.

German Claims in Africa 1917 (150K)
German Claims in Africa according to Professor Delbruck, 1917.

Europe: The Reconstruction (337K)
The Reconstruction of Europe according to M. Yves Guyot.

Europe: Popular French Conception of Reconstructed Europe 1916 (360K)
According to "L'Europe Future," published in Paris, 1916.

France's Historic Right to Alsace & Lorraine and the Claims of Italy and Serbia. Maps 16-21 [p. 156]
France's Historic Right to Alsace and Lorraine (186K)
The Frontiers of France in 1789 after the conquests of Louis XIV.

France's Right to Alsace and Lorraine Confirmed in the Reconstruction of 1815 (195K)
The Frontiers of France as agreed at the Vienna Conference.

Italia Irredenta (195K)
Italy's Historic Claims in the Adriatic (195K)
Venetian Territories in the 16th Century.
Italy's Historic Claims in the Adriatic (195K)
Venetian Territories in the 18th Century.
The Claims of the Serbo-Croats and Slovenes (201K)
The Claims of Poland, Rumania and the Czecho-Slovak Race. Maps 22-26 [p. 160]
The Claims of the Czechs and Slovaks (198K)
The Racial Claims of Rumania (172K)
The Racial Claims of the Poles (180K)
Poland's Claims on Historic Grounds (196K)
Showing the extent of the Polish Dominions in the 16th Century.
Poland's Claims on Historic Grounds (187K)
Poland before the partitions of 1771, 1793 & 1795.
The Readjustment of Europe. Map 27 [p.158]
The Readjustment of Europe (843K)
As indicated in the Allies' Note to President Wilson, January, 1917.