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Maps from Philips' Chamber of Commerce Atlas: A Graphic Survey of the World's Trade with a Commercial Compendium and Gazetteer Index by George Philip & Son, London: The London Geographical Institute, Liverpool: Philip, Son & Nephew, 1914

Africa - Commercial, Northern (6.9MB)
Africa - Commercial, South (7.1MB)
Africa - Political and Communications (6.6MB)
Asia - Political and Communications (7.0MB)
Atlantic - Ocean Communications (7.1MB)
Australia - Commercial, Eastern (7.7MB)
Australia - Commercial, Western (6.9MB)
Australia - Political and Communications (6.8MB)
Austria-Hungary - Commercial (7.5MB)
Balkan States - Commercial (7.4MB)
Baltic Lands - Commercial (7.3MB)
British Isles - Communications (7.3MB)
British North America - Commercial, East (7.3MB)
British North America - Commercial, West (7.2MB)
British South Africa - Commercial (7.1MB)
Central America and West Indies - Commercial (6.7MB)
China, Commercial (7.2MB)
East Indian Archipelago - Commercial (6.9MB)
Europe - Political and Communications (7.0MB)
France and Switzerland - Commercial (7.7MB)
Further India - Commercial (6.9MB)
Germany - Commercial (7.4MB)
India - Commercial (7.4MB)
Indian Ocean - Communications (7.4MB)
Ireland - Commercial (6.7MB)
Italy - Commercial (7.4MB)
Japan - Commercial (6.4MB)
Mediterranean Sea (7.1MB)
Mexico - Commercial (6.1MB)
New Zealand - Commercial (3.3MB)
North America - Commercial (7.6MB)
North America - Political and Communications (7.6MB)
North England - Commercial (7.7MB)
Pacific Ocean - Communications (6.8MB)
Russia - Commercial (7.3MB)
Scotland - Commercial (6.8MB)
South America - Commercial, North (6.7MB)
South America - Commercial, South (7.3MB)
South America - Political and Communications (6.6MB)
South and Central England - Commercial (8.2MB)
South-East Australia and New Zealand - Communications (3.3MB)
South-West Asia, Commercial (6.8MB)
Spain and Portugal, Commercial (7.3MB)
The Low Countries with Denmark - Commercial (7.2MB)
The New World (6.1MB)
The Old World (6.6MB)
The Polar Regions (2.4MB)
The World Mercator (3.2MB)
The World - Principal Sailing Tracks, Winds, and Occupations (3.2MB)
The World - Principal Steamship Lines and Isochronic Chart (5.2MB)
The World - Regions Commercially Developed (6.5MB)
The World - Telegraph, Cable, and Time Chart (6.0MB)
United States - Commercial, Eastern (8.1MB)
United States - Commercial, Western (7.7MB)