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Maps from the Treaty Ports of China and Japan by William Frederick Mayers, NB Dennys, Charles King; London: Trubner and CO., 1867

Amoy Harbor (2.0 MB)
British Settlement at Shanghai (3.0 MB)
City of Canton (15.4 MB)
Foochow (1.4 MB)
Fort Zelandia, Hand Map (1.1 MB)
From Tungchow to Peking (2.0 MB)
Harbor Neighborhood of Nagasaki (1.8 MB)
Island of Formosa (1.4 MB)
Japanese Islands (2.0 MB)
Kiu Kiang (778.2 KB)
Nagasaki, Hand Map (2.6 MB)
Native Plan of the Attack on the Taku Fights (3.8 MB)
Ningpo (668.0 KB)
Peking (4.7 MB), References to Map of Peking (514.9 KB)
Port of Taiwan-Foo; Port of Takao (1.1 MB)
Shanghai (675.9 KB)
Sketch of China Proper (3.1 MB)
Swatow, Hand Map (4.0 MB)
The Ocean Steam Routes of the World (2.0 KB)
Town and Anchorage of Hakodadi (1.4 MB)
Town and Harbor of Macao (3.1 MB)
Victoria, Hong Kong (10.2 MB)
Yokohama and Kanagawa (1.5 MB)
Yokohama, Hand Map (3.2 MB)