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Republic of Turkey 2002

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Republic of Turkey (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti), original scale 1:2,200,000, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA Map Number 802565), July 2002.

Turkey NW, Includes Bulgaria and Northern Greece. Inset Map: Aegean Dispute (1MB)
Turkey NE, Includes Armenia and Georgia. Inset Map: Kurdish Areas (1.6MB)
Turkey SW, Includes Cyprus and Southern Greece. Inset Maps: Cyprus Divided, Turkey Location and Size (821K)
Turkey SE, Includes Northern Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. Inset Map: Tigris and Euphrates [including Turkish Dams] (1MB)
Turkey, Entire Map (4.1MB)

Map Index Aaley-Balad Ruz (703K)
Map Index Balakan-Ermioni (699K)
Map Index Ermoupolis-Kasou (693K)
Map Index Kaspi-Naqadeh (716K)
Map Index Naqoura-Silifke (705K)
Map Index Silistra-Zuya (684K)