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Toulon 1999

Map Index for Toulon
Important Places Sights/shopping Dinning Out Worship
1. Main Gate
2. French Navy Base
3. USO Fleet Center
4 Toulon Tourist Office
5. Local Police
6. Post Office
7. Self-Serve Laundromats
8. Place de Liberte (bus stop)
9. Money Exchange House
10. Credit Mutuel (Cirrus ATM)
11. Train/bus Station
12. Navy Hospital
15. Telepherique
16. Mount Faron Panorama
17. French Art and Natural History Museum
18. North African Quarter

19. Produce and Flea Market
20. Centre Mayol
18. North African Quarter

Sports and Recreation:
2. French Navy Base
13. Inexpensive restaurant area (includes McDonald's)
14. Seaport Seafood Restaurants (moderate to expensive)
21. Cathedral St. Marie de la Sede

22. Synagogue

23. Serviceman's Christian Center (inside "MPM, Centre d'Animation")
24. Eglise Reformee de France

Seventh Day Adventist:
25. Eglise Chretienne Adventiste