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Pacific Islands 1943-1945

The following maps are from "Pacific Islands" [Geographical Handbook Series]. Great Britain. Admiralty. Naval Intelligence Division, 1943-1945.

Volume I: General Survey 1945 Volume II: Eastern Pacific 1943 Volume III : Western Pacific (Tonga to Solomon Islands) 1944 Volume IV : Western Pacific (New Guinea and Islands Northward) 1945

Volume I: General Survey 1945

Geology and Physical Structure
Distribution of Rock Types in the Pacific (135K)
Pacific Ocean Depths (160K)
Volcanic Areas of the Pacific (164K)
Earthquake Belts of the Pacific Ocean (123K)
Increase in Depth of Eartquake Foci Towards the Asiatic Continent (150K)
The Volcanic Rifts of Japan (96K)
Funafuti Atoll [Depth measurments] (154K)
Distribution of Submarine Deposits in the Pacific Basin (280K)

Pressure, Winds and Wind Belts: January-February (131K)
Pressure, Winds and Wind Belts: July-August (122K)
Climatic Regions of the Inter-tropical Pacific (84K)
Average Surface Wind-Drift: January (107K)
Average Surface Wind-Drift: April (88K)
Average Surface Wind-Drift: July (92K)
Average Surface Wind-Drift: October (91K)
Average Surface Wind Speed in Knots: December to February (111K)
Average Surface Wind Speed in Knots: March to May (87K)
Average Surface Wind Speed in Knots: June to August (86K)
Average Surface Wind Speed in Knots: September to November (80K)
Average Freqency of Depressions in Winter (85K)
Average Percentage Frequency of Strong Gales and Hurricanes (107K)
Typhoon Frequency in the China Seas (127K)
Typical Tracks of Cyclonic Depressions and Their Monthly Frequency over the China Seas (165K)
Average Drift of Middle-Level Clouds: December to February (114K)
Average Drift of Middle-Level Clouds: March to May (74K)
Average Drift of Middle-Level Clouds: June to August (88K)
Average Drift of Middle-Level Clouds: Septmeber to November (87K)
Air and Surface-water Temperatures: January (107K)
Air and Surface-water Temperatures: July (92K)
Average Annual Cloud Amount (93K)
Percentage Frequency of Fog Over the Sea in the North-West Pacific (137K)
Generalized Annual Rainfall (96K)
Rainfall Regimes and Zones of the Pacific (132K)

Soil Map of the Hawaiian Islands (72K)

Fauna of the Pacific Ocean and Its Islands
Distribution of Mangroves and Conifers in the Pacific (97K)
Eastern Limits of Ranges of New Guinea Land Birds (86K)
Insect Distribution in the South Pacific (133K)
Distribution of Malaria in the Western Pacific (68K)
Distribution of Filariasis (101K)
Spleen Rates: South-East New Guinea and Solomon Islands (100K)

History, 1513-1843
Exploration of the Pacific (Magellan to Roggeveen) (221K)
Exploration of the Pacific (Byron to Cook) (169K)
The Southern Continent (318K)
Exploration of the Pacific (after Cook) (116K)
Sailing-ship Routes in the Pacific (171K)
Fiji, as Shown on Arrowsmith's chart of 1814 (294K)
Whaling Grounds of the Pacific in the Nineteenth Century (115K)
The Development of Trade in the Nineteenth Century (I) (75K)
The Development of Trade in the Nineteenth Century (II) (50K)
Pacific Islands Labor Flow (118K)
A German View of Political Control in the Pacific Area in 1859 (119K)
Sovereignty and Political Control in the Pacific Area in 1914 (124K)

General Distribution of Population in the Pacific Islands, about 1939 (126K)
Average Density of Population on Island Groups of the Pacific, About 1939 (131K)
Sources of Immigrants Into the Hawaiian Islands, 1853-1933 (89K)

Peoples : General Characteristics
Polynesian Migrations (119K)

Shipping Routes in the Pacific Showing National Interests (255K)
Density of Traffic on Pacific Shipping Routes (183K)

Cable and Wireless Communications (145K) Pacific Ocean Currents
Ocean Circulation: Northern Summer (August to September) (262K)
Ocean Circulation: Northern Winter (February to March) (233K)
Surface Water Temperature: February (116K)
Surface Water Temperature: August (104K)
Average Surface Water Salinity (120K)
Time Chart (134K)

Vol. II: Eastern Pacific 1943

Eastern Pacific: Main Shipping Routes 1936 (145K)
Eastern Pacific: Political Control (124K)

The Outlying Islands (East of Long. 130°W)
Clipperton (110K)
Cocos (77K)
Galápagos Archipelago (105K)
Currents and Sea Temperatures, Garúa Season (105K)
Currents and Sea Temperatures, Rainy Season (117K)
Currents and Sea Temperatures in a Niño Year (118K)
Galápagos: Eastern Group (54K)
Galápagos: Central Group (62K)
Galápagos: Western Group (94K)
Galápagos: Northern Group (41K)
Juan Fernández: Más-á-tierra (59K)
Juan Fernández: Más-afuera (78K)
Easter Island (84K)
Pitcairn (109K)
Islands Adjacent to Pitcairn: Henderson Island, Ducie Island, Oeno Island (96K)

The Society Islands and Associated Groups
The French Establishments in Oceania Superimposed upon Europe, on Bonne's Equal Area Projection (92K)

The Society Islands
The Society Islands (52K)
Plan of Maeva Village, Huahine (183K)
Tahiti: Physical Map (121K)
Tahiti: Roads and Pricipal Settlements (102K)
Papeete (190K)
Moorea: Physical Map (90K)
Moorea: Roads and Settlements (121K)
Mahetia: Sketch Map (142K)
Tetiaroa (92K)
Tapuaemanu: Plan and Section (107K)
Huahine: Physical Map (96K)
Huahine: Roads and Settlements (138K)
Raiatea and Tahaa: Physical Map (140K)
Raiatea and Tahaa: Roads and Settlements (142K)
Borabora (130K)
Maupiti (112K)

The Tuamotu Archipelago
Tuamotu Archipelago (K)
Makatea (129K)
Fakarava (63K)
Hao (70K)

The Mangareva Group, The Austral Islands and Rapa
Mangareva Group (88K)
Mangareva Island (121K)
Austral Islands Including Rapa (50K)
Rurutu (149K)
Tubuai (147K)
Raivavae (171K)
Rapa (146K)

The Marquesas
Marquesas (52K)
Hivaoa (79K)
Tahuata (86K)
Fatuhiva (85K)
Nukuhiva (105K)
Uapou (95K)
Uahuka (79K)
Minor Islands of the Marquesas (89K)

General Review of the Hawaiian Group
The Hawaiian Islands (58K)
Maui: Drainage (83K)
Oahu: Distribution of Mean Annual Rainfall (58K)
Artificial Irrigation in the Hawaiian Islands (67K)
Hawaii: Land Utilitzation (363K)
Maui: Land Utilization (331K)
Molokai: Land Utilization (234K)
Lanai: Land Utilization (262K)
Oahu: Land Utilization (171K)
Kauai: Land Utilization (158K)
Hawaii: Communications and Principal Settlements (121K)
Maui: Communications and Principal Settlements (115K)
Molokai: Communications and Principal Settlements (87K)
Oahu: Communications and Principal Settlements (158K)
Kauai: Communications and Principal Settlements (136K)
Principal Ports and Landings in the Hawaiian Islands (87K)
The Port of Honolulu (223K)
The City of Honolulu (238K)
Hilo (147K)
Kahului (146K)

Individual Islands of the Hawaiian Group, and Johnston Island
Hawaii: Physical Map (145K)
Maui: Relief Map (86K)
South-Eastern Maui: Detail (121K)
Molokai: Relief Map (75K)
North-East Coast of Molokai: Detail (138K)
Minor Islands of the Windward Group (100K)
Oahu: Relief Map (108K)
Kauai: Relief Map (106K)
Nihoa and Necker Islands (116K)
Midway (138K)

The Central Equatorial Islands
Central Equatorial Islands and Adjacent Groups (84K)
Discovery of Central Equatorial Islands (84K)
Utilization of Central Equatorial Islands in the Nineteenth Century (100K)
Occupation of Central Equatorial Islands in 1939 (82K)
Christmas Island (101K)
Fanning Island (98K)
Washington Island (92K)
Malden (119K)
Three of the Southern Line Islands: Caroline, Flint, Vostok (92K)
Three Equitorial Islands: Howland, Jervis, Baker (97K)
Canton Island (110K)
Four Islands of the Phoenix Island Group: Enderbury, Gardner, Hull, Sydney (126K)

The Tokelau Gropu, The Cook Islands and Niue
The Tokelaou Group: Atafu, Fakaofu, Nukunono (109K)
Lower Cook Group (46K)
Rarotonga: Physical (125K)
Rarotonga: Roads and Settlements (135K)
Avarua and Avatiu Harbours, Rarotonga (119K)
Mangaia: Plan and Section (177K)
Atiu: Plan and Section (171K)
Aitutaki (124K)
Tongareva (101K)
Manihiki (98K)
Rakahanga (131K)
Pukapuka (101K)
Pukapuka Islet (Wale) (137K)
Niue (123K)

General Review of the Samoa Group
The Samoa Group (49K)
Upolu: Physical Map (141K)
Savaiˁi: Physical Map (133K)
Lava Flows from Matavanu Crater, 1905-1906 (83K)
Distribution of population on Tutuila, 1935 (62K)

The Samoa Group
Land Holding in Western Samoa (103K)
Apia (411K)
Pango Pango Harbour (121K)
Savaiˁi: Roads and Settlments (132K)
Upolu: Roads and Settlements (137K)
Tutuila: Physical Map (142K)
Tutuila: Roads and Settlments (110K)
Manuˁa Group (79K)

Volume III : Western Pacific (Tonga to Solomon Islands) 1944

Main Shipping Routes in the Western Pacific in 1939 (369K)
Political Control of the Western Pacific Islands in 1939 (167K)

The Tonga Group "showing its relation to neighbouring islands and groups" (92K)
Geology of islands of the Tonga group. ˁAta, Niuatoputapu, Tafahi and Niuafo'o are omitted on account of their distance from the main islands. (142K)
Geology of ˁEua, Tonga (183K)
Fonuafoˁou (Falcon Island), Tonga, in 1889 (105K)
Fonuafoˁou (Falcon Island), Tonga, in 1928 (100K)
Distribution of Population in Tongatapu, 1931 (73K)
Sketch plan on Pangai, a Tongan Village. (134K)
Estates in Togatapu (108K)
Tongatapu: Roads and Principal Settlements (166K)
Neiafu Harbor, Vavaˁu (145K)
'Eua,Tonga: relief and settlement (121K)
Haapai: Major Islands of the Northern Group (128K)
Nomuka, Tonga (153K)
Vavaˁu: Physical (178K)
Vavaˁu: Roads and Principal Settlements (178K)
Niuatoputapu and Tafahi, Tonga (134K)
Niuafoˁou, Tonga (172K)

General Review of the Fiji Group
The Fiji Group (110K)
Geological Sketch of Map of Viti Levu (146K)
Mango Fiji: Geological Plan and Section (132K)
Rainfall at Selected Stations, Fiji (105K)
Vegetation of the Main Islands, Fiji (146K)
Density and Distribution of Total Population in the Main Islands (119K)
Density and Distribution of Native Fijian Population in the Main Islands, Fiji (104K)
Density and Distribution of Indian Population in the Main Islands, Fiji (100K)
Sketch Plan of Tokalau Village, Kambara, Fiji (115K)
Fiji: District Boundaries (before September 1938) (118K)
Fiji: District Boundaries (since September 1938) (110K)
Fiji: Provinces (106K)
Land Utilization in Fiji (I) (98K)
Land Utilization in Fiji (II) (97K)
Suva (219K)
Lautoka (229K)
Levuka (165K)
Viti Levu and Vanua Levu: Railways and Regular Local Shipping Services (124K)
Viti Levu and Vanua Levu: Roads and Tracks (102K)
Viti Levu: Relief (195K)
Viti Levu: Drainage (207K)
Viti Levu: Rewa Coast (223K)
Viti Levu: Mba Coast (207K)
Vanua Levu: Relief (98K)
Vanua Levu: Drainage and Hot Springs; Settlements (139K)
Kandavu (116K)
Yasawa Group (114K)
Lau Group: Geology (135K)
Totoya (107K)
Exploring Isles and Adjacent Islands (117K)

Rotuma, Uvea and Futuna
Rotuma (107K)
Uvea (Wallis Island) (188K)
Futuna and Alofi (Hoorn islands) (163K)

Gilbert Islands, Ellice Islands, Ocean Island and Nauru
Gilbert Islands, Ellice Islands, Ocean island and Nauru (102K)
Nauru: Phyiscal (186K)
Vaitupu, Ellice Islands (144K)
Nauru: Land Utilization (183K)
Nauru: Communications and Settlements (183K)
Ocean Island (145K)
Butaritari, Abaiang, Maiana, Abemama (Gilbert Islands) (232K)
Butaritari: The Main Island (106K)
Tarawa, Gilbert Islands (122K)
Marakei, Kuria,and Aranuka (Gilbert Islands) (82K)
Onotoa, Beru and Nonouti (Gilbert Islands) (140K)
Tabiteuea, Gilbert Islands (113K)
Nikunau and Tamana, Gilbert Islands (112K)
Nukufetau and Nukulaelae, Ellice Islands (91K)

The Kermadecs, Norfolk, and Lord Howe
Kermadec Islands (97K)
Norfolk Island (134K)
Lord Howe Island (160K)
New Caledonia: Reef System (97K)
New Caledonia: Geology (150K)
New Caledonia: Relief (92K)
New Caledonia: Drainage (104K)
New Caledonia: Coastal Features (117K)
New Caledonia: Average Mothly Rainfall at Selected Stations (127K)
New Caledonia: Forest Areas (96K)
New Caledonia: North-western Part (137K)
New Caledonia: Pam-Ouaco (221K)
New Caledonia: Hienghène-Népoui (250K)
New Caledonia: Ponérihouen-Bourail (253K)
New Caledonia: Kouaoua-Bouloupari (250K)
New Caledonia: Comboui-Noumea (253K)
New Caledonia: South-eastern Part (164K)
New Caledonia: Isle of Pines (80K)
New Caledonia: Principal Mining Centres (116K)
Noumea: Port Plan (283K)
New Caledonia: Main Road System (97K)
Mare, loyalty Islands (99K)
Lifu, Loyalty Islands (111K)
Uvea, Loyalty Islands (104K)
The New Hebrides (113K)
The New Hebrides: Distribution of Graded Societies (113K)
Vila (171K)
Segond and Bruat Channels (158K)
Efate (147K)
Malekula: Physical (157K)
Malekula: Social (124K)
Espiritu Santo (178K)
Epi (112K)
Ambrim (115K)
Raga and Maewo (148K)
Omba (97K)
Gaua (92K)
Vanua Lava (105K)
Torres Islands (124K)
Aneityum (100K)
Eromanga and Tana (195K)
The Solomon Islands (155K)
Buka: Geology (125K)
British Solomon Islands Protectorate: Administrative Districts (120K)
Tulagi and Gavutu Harbours (197K)
Ontonga Java (153K)
Bougainville and Buka (224K)
Shortland Islands and Treasury Islands (147K)
Choiseul (112K)
Choiseul Bay: Plantations (122K)
New Georgia Group (188K)
Ysabel (209K)
Nggela (171K)
Malaita (130K)
Guadalcanal (164K)
San Cristobal (177K)
Rennell (80K)
Santa Cruz Group and Neighbouring Islands (124K)
Tikopia (217K)

Volume IV : Western Pacific (New Guinea and Islands Northward) 1945

New Guinea and Adjacent Islands:

Geology and Physical Features
Drainage and Relief of Eastern New Guinea and the Off-lying Islands (832K)
Geology of New Guinea and the Off-lying Islands (245K)
The Physical Features of New Guinea and the Off-lying Islands (244K)
The Lowland Area of Southern New Guinea (106K)
The Coastlands of the Gulf of Papua (170K)
The Relief and Drainage of Central New Guinea (215K)
Eroded Limestone Country in the Whiteman Range, New Britain (116K)
Part of the Bulolo Goldfields (Bulowat Area) (314K)
The Raised Coral Reefs of the Scharnhorst Point Area (181K)
The Cape Nelson Coast and the Mount Victory Volcanic Group (255K)
The Northern Isthmus, Fergusson Island (174K)
Geology and Physical Features of New Britain (115K)
Types of Islands Lying off New Britain (136K)
The Cape Merkus Coast of New Britain (138K)
The Kimbe Bay Volcanic Arc: West Side (129K)
The Kimbe Bay Volcanic Arc: East Side (189K)
The Lake Hargy Crater Lake (205K)
The Blanche Bay Volcanoes (225K)
Garove (196K)
Rambutyo, Admiralty Islands (105K)
Tong and Pak, Admirality Islands (104K)

Provisional Map of the Rainfall Distribution in New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago (137K)
Rainfall Regimes of Selected Stations in New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago (116K)

Vegetation and Fauna
Provisional Vegetation Map of Eastern New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago (400K)

The Population of the Huon Peninsula (152K)

Government and Social Services
New Guinea: Administrative Divisions (148K)
The Mandated Territory of New Guinea: Administrative Control (147K)
The Distribution of Mission Stations in Papua and the Mandated Territory of New Guinea (113K)

Papua and Mandated Territory of New Guinea: Oil Concessions (179K)
Dutch New Guinea: Oil Concessions (127K)
Papua and Mandated Territory of New Guinea: Coconut Plantations (138K)
The Gazelle Peninsula of New Britain (191K)

Ports, Settlements and Communications
Port Moresby (341K)
Rabaul (289K)
Kavieng and its Approaches (228K)
Lae (147K)
Salamaua and its Approaches (288K)
Roads and Foot Tracks in New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago (137K)

New Ireland and Adjacent Islands
New Ireland (314K)
Lavongai and its Off-lying Islands (112K)

The Admiralty Islands and the Western Islands
Manus and its Off-lying Islands (173K)

The South-Eastern Groups
Goodenough Island (228K)
Murua and Madau (176K)
The Trobriand Islands (132K)
The Louisiade Archipelago (138K)

The Japanese Mandated Islands:
Shipping Routes of the Japanese Mandated Islands (137K)
Winds of the Japanese Mandated Islands, January and September (122K)
Rainfall Regimes of Selected Stations in the Japanese Mandated Islands (78K)

The Caroline Islands
The Palau Group and South-west Caroline islands (78K)
Palau The Palau Group: Drainage, Coastal Features and Anchorages (155K)
Babelthuap: Physical (244K)
Babelthuap: Settlements and Communications (140K)
Palau Harbour (267K)
Palau Harbour Key Map to Views of Palau Harbour (72K)
Angaur (96K)
Caroline Islands The Western Caroline Islands between long. 137°E and 148°E. (63K)
Yap The Yap Group: Coastal Features (105K)
Tomil Harbour, Yap (175K)
Ulithi Ulithi Atoll and Off-lying Islets (92K)
The Eastern Caroline Islands between long. 148° E and 163° 30' E (88K)
Truk The Barrier Reef and Islands Within the Lagoon (156K)
Major Islands of Truk (102K)
Dublon, Truk (120K)
Hall Islands (61K)
Nomoi The Nomoi Group (93K)
Ponape Physical Features and Major Settlements (156K)
Kusaie (177K)
Nukuoro, Kapingamarangi, Mokil and Pingelap Islands of the South-Eastern Carolines (121K)

The Marshall Islands
Marshall Islands (79K)
Kwajalein Atoll (110K)
Jaluit Atoll (115K)
Ebon Atoll (88K)
Wotje Atoll (64K)
Maloelap and Aur Atolls (75K)
Majuro Atoll (77K)

The Marianas
The Marianas (127K)
Saipan: Physical (147K)
Saipan: Settlements and Communications (138K)
Saipan Harbour (234K)

The Bonin islands, Marcus island, Guam and Wake island
Nanpo Shoto (141K)
Chichishima Retto: Physical Features, Settlements and Communications (144K)
Hahashima Retto: Physical Features, Settlements, and Communications (126K)
Futami Ko (172K)
Guam: Physical Features (140K)
Guam: Distribution of Population in the Municipal Areas and in the Town of Agaña (113K)
Guam: Land Utilization (162K)
Apra Harbour, Guam (170K)
Guam: Settlements and Communication (118K)
Wake Island (111K)

Australia and the Pacific Historical Maps